The aftercare of your new tattoo is the most important part of the healing process to ensure the best result for you. Not following my aftercare instructions can alter the outcome and additional touch ups may be required. Please take the time to understand the steps in this healing process.

An aftercare product will be given to you to apply once a day. A very thin layer is all that is needed. Apply with clean fingertips only. 

The first few days, your new tattoo can be bold and sharp looking. You may feel the treated area feels tight and tender, almost like a sunburn. 

After a few days your tattoo may start to flake a little. It’s important not to pick at them. 

The entire healing process takes up to 6 weeks. During this time you will notice your tattoo becoming lighter and softer in the skin. It can also look patchy. This is all to be expected. Over time, you will notice the colour becomes more stronger and evened out. Your touch up appointment will be at the end of this period and will complete any colour loss.


Avoid saturating your tattoo with water. A quick and gentle spritz of water while bathing is fine. No cleansers applied for the first 4 days.

Avoid hot showers or bath.

Avoid sun exposure.

No anti aging products such as glycolic acids, retinols or glycolic acids to be applied to tattoo. No acne skin care.

No exercising or sweating.

No pools or hot tubs.

No facials or other face treatments.

Do not apply anything to tattoo other than the ointment given.

On the fourth day, you can begin to wash your brows gently with a natural soap that doesn’t contain any active ingredients.