At The Polished Girl Beauty we offer a few options to wake up beautiful and not have to apply your daily makeup. We believe giving you back your brows can change the way you feel, it changes everything about your confidence, and give a woman the right shade of lips and she can conquer the world!

  • Powder Brows

  • Powder/hair combo

  • Brow Lamination

  • Lash Liner

  • Lip Blush

Powder Brows permanent makeup


"Up your Brow Game"

A powdery makeup look, this technique fills in brows using a machine in the epidermis. Perfect for clients that desire a more defined and soft looking brow. Very minimal pain during this procedure and retention is long lasting 12 to 18 months before touch up is required. Recommended for all skin types. Aftercare products complimentary.

  • Touch Ups

  • precare

  • aftercare

Touch Ups

6 to 12 months $200

Annually $275

Touch ups are required to improve shape, boost colour and keep your brows, liner and lips looking fresh over time!