At The Polished Girl Beauty we have several treatments to give you flawless glowing skin, we believe beautiful skin requires a commitment not a miracle, shop our skincare selection too, we only have the best and most natural skincare products here.

  • The Gua sha facial

  • Dermaplaning

  • Microneedling

  • TPGB Facial

The Opulent Gua Sha Facial

$185 1 Hour 15 min

Also known as the “natural facelift” this tissue-transforming facial massage will leave your skin noticeably firmer, contoured, lifted and glowing in just one session.

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping the skin with a smooth tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to younger looking skin.

In gua sha, a technician scrapes your skin with short or long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. They make these strokes with a smooth-edged instrument known as a gua massage tool. Carla applies massage oil to your skin, and then uses the tool to repeatedly scrape your skin in a downward motion. 

Your experience opens with a traditional deep cleansing ritual and exfoliation, and winds down in a personalized treatment mask and cream. Oh and did we mention scalp and shoulder massage too? You just have to experience this.